Spring has Sprung

First off….


Well, belated Easter that is.  I hope your weekend was spent with family, yummy eats, and Easter egg hunts filled cash in them celebrating the real meaning of Easter.

Spring has officially sprung.  I believe the days of 30 degree weather are in the past.  Shit is blooming and I am sniffling.  But everything looks awfully purty and my pale skin is ready for some Vitamin D attention.


To kick off my Easter weekend, Russell and I decided to spend Friday night doing something we absolutely love to do… GO TO THE MOVIES.  It has been a hot minute since Russell and I have had the chance to go, mainly because I haven’t had a social life.  So we decided to live on the edge and go to a 10:40PM Captain America showing.


The struggle of staying up after working the past two weeks was real, but I somewhat survived and the movie was actually pretty good.  I would definitely recommend.  Lots of action.

The rest of my weekend was a blur and way to short.






Today marks the first day of making it through the craziness of my 3rd Spring Meetings at the IMF.  My brain is the equivalent to mush so writing a detailed blog  post is simply not in the cards.  Here is a small glimpse of my week through photos.

20140413-081739.jpg 20140413-081735.jpg

The meetings were hosted by Australia20140413-081724.jpg 20140413-081720.jpg 20140413-081715.jpg 20140413-081706.jpg

These looked to yummy to not snap a photo20140413-081702.jpg 20140413-081658.jpg 20140413-081654.jpg


Now I must just get through this week and I’m golden.  Happy Monday!


A Quick Break

Happy Thursday! I wanted to pop in for a quick second and take a breather from mass amounts of catering orders and phone calls that have been taking over my life [fyi I am an event planner ;)].

Allowing this month to not fly by is hard, but what has really put a big smile on my face is the Spring weather that has finally arrived.  No winter jackets.  Sunglasses are a necessity.  And BBQ’s are on the horizon.

Source: Martha Dorris’ facebook

And I’ve got a big ole toothy, grin on my face about it.  And while I am keeping this short and sweet, I also wanted to share a video that popped up while I was scrolling through some social media feeds.

The fact that this was an insurance ad is great.  I’m off and on Day 4 of 8.  Have a fabo week!


32 Things That Make Me Happy

So with the craziness that has been going on in my life, both good and bad, it’s always nice to reflect on what truly makes you happy.  What brings warm and fuzzies into your life.  What puts a smile on your face and really brightens your day.  What makes your heart beat a little faster.  So step into my world of happiness, because that is all there is room for here today.


1.  Holidays.  I love them all.  Halloween, sign me up for a pumpkin patch and a scary hay ride.  Thanksgiving, who doesn’t love all the food and people you get to see.  Christmas, Elf is on repeat.  St. Patty’s Day, hand me a green drink.

2.  Wine or beer tastings in 70 degree weather.


3.  Drama-less people.  Don’t find many of those these days.

4.  Puppies.  Is that even a surprise?

5.  The changing of leaves from Summer to Fall.  In fact being able to experience all seasons is magical.

6.  Changing my hair.


7.  Sleeping in and staying in bed late on a Sunday morning.  Matter of fact, a rainy lazy Sunday is even better.

8.  The Beatles and all things that relate to them.  In fact I love that time period.  Seeing the Love cirque du soleil in Las Vegas was amazing.

9.  My adorable baby cousin. And his hot chocolate mustache.


10.  Taking a beach trip and being able to read, read and read.

11.  Having all my laundry done for the week… and put away nicely in my closet.

12.  Animal print with a pop of color piece of clothing.

13.  Ray Ban Sunglasses.

14.  Really great bargains.  Finding something that is 50% off on clearance with another 15% and then having a 10% off coupon.

15.  Traveling and taking vacations.


16.  Random just because flowers.  These mean 1000 times more to any lady than on Valentine’s Day.  Dur!

17.  Frozen.  Actually its most musical movies but this one is on my mind as of lately.

18.  Russell’s jokes.

19.  The Best of Jimmy Fallon.  Specifically the Debbie Downer skit with Lindsey Lohan.  That really gets me every time.

20.  Laughing until it hurts or I pee.

21.  Harry Potter movie marathons on ABC family.

22.  Taking off work clothes and slipping sweats on.

23.  Ice cream cones in the summer.  More importantly, gelato.


24.  Reality TV.  Real housewives.  The Biggest Loser.  Party Down South.  Big Brother.  BRAVO. All of it.

25.  Freshly painted nails that don’t get messed up after 10 minutes.  Or get those stupid bubbles in them.

26.  Disney World.  Universal Studios.

26.  Finding a good sushi place.

27.  Candles.  Lots and lots of candles.

28.  Looking at old photos and reminiscing about fun times.

29.  Great American Restaurants.  I have never had a bad meal at any of them.

30. Trader Joe’s.

31.  Target.  That place gets me every. single. time!

32.  The fact that its Friday! :D